IVAT  is a TOUR COMPANY dedicated to creating personal travel experiences that go beyond the basic sightseeing tours. Each itinerary has a special focus and most of our local guides are employed with us. All of them are also college educated and experts in the field of focus or region. At IVAT Tours, we believe visiting the Indian subcontinent is about more than just going on vacation - it's about having an unforgettable experience. Our private tours are carefully planned and custom-tailored to meet your needs so your trip is everything you imagined and much more.IVAT reveals the essence of each Indian destination through first-hand experience. Exploration area's history, culture, and more - with the added convenience of having all your travel needs handled by a friendly, knowledgeable and passionate team members. We control over the smallest aspect of any operation to ensure that the guest enjoy the safest and best quality holiday. The innovative spirit of the company is evident in constantly researching and promoting new itineraries and destinations. Which has allowed us to bag a overwhelming successes with 40% repeat and referral guests. No doubt this motivates us to work harder in diligence.

IVAT is committed to responsible tourism without compromising the exceptional quality of your experience. We work with like minded people who make genuine efforts to minimize the impact they have on the environment and contribute to local communities, so that the holidays we offer can be of benefit to the destinations we work with. the projects we work on are totally different from the Government Aided Projects so as to ensure money spent is utilized at grass root level.

When you explore India with us, every aspect of your trip is guaranteed to meet the highest standard in personal luxury. Our tours appeal to the most discerning traveler, offering you the convenience and comfort to experience the subcontinent in all her richness and rugged beauty. In creating our tours, we combine detailed first-hand knowledge of the regions with access to a personal network of tourism industry contacts. An insider's take on the foreign lands ensures you the finest and most well coordinated trip imaginable. Whether you are making your first trip to the subcontinent or returning eager for new discoveries, we help provide the RIGHT TOUR for you.Once you select and finalize an itinerary, we will work with you to ensure that your specific travel needs are met. We also offer customized private travel for all age and interest groups. Our love of travel, our interest in exploring other cultures, and our special affinity for the region are the basis of our business. You will receive personal attention and experienced guidance during the creation of your customized itinerary to insure that your journey is everything you desire.

You will always receive a detailed itinerary and background information on the areas the group visits. We would also give a PACKING LIST (region and tour specific) and a PREDEPARTURE DOSSIER (Traveling in India with IVAT) to help you in preparing for your tour. The Indian subcontinent is like no place you have ever been. It is bursting with sights, sounds, smells and pulsating energy. The land is exotic; the people colorful, warm and friendly. The organizational system - complete chaos! That is why there are companies such as ours.

You will have the assurance that your trip is planned in the most efficient manner and that it is actually do-able (one can't always trust the guide books to be accurate). You will arrive late at night (in most cases) to be received by a friendly face and waiting car. You will also have a contact number in every city and the 24 hour Helpline Number which you may feel free to call throughout your journey should you need assistance of any kind at any time.

Don't let logistical hang-ups ruin your travel experience. Our TOUR MANAGERS are professionals dedicated to serving you. They are licensed by the Government and are well educated. They are on top of every detail of your tour while you are traveling, so that if any changes occur that may affect your travel plans, you are notified immediately and alternate plans are set into motion.


In short, what we offer is an experience of a lifetime. Why take chances when you don't have to?

Journey to the exotic cities, quaint villages, and rural outposts in private cars, vans and jeeps with our delightful local guides, fluent in English, German, Spanish and French as well as various Hindi dialects make your tour a memorable one. Don't waste time and lose your cool trying to figure it out once you arrive. India is an incredible destination; but not one that can be navigated easily - even for the most experienced travelers.


Select your own dates and travel within the privacy of your own family and loved ones. IVAT will assist you in the advance planning stages to assure that you create and experience the journey that you envision.

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We are good with infants and children too.

Most importantly we needed our guests in India to be not only safe at all times but feeling happy also.