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Gurgaon, India
On 2/6/19, 10:26 AM

A valid visa and a passport with 6 months of validity from the commencement date of the journey are required for all parties, adults as well as children. 

Online visa application for India

Only online visa applications are accepted. The application form can be filled out directly on the website of the Indian Embassy:


Visa fees: currently 63.78 EUR + handling fee of the Visa Agency 

Processing time: 3 working days at the desk of visa agency, 2-3 weeks for postal application 

Validity of tourist visa: 6 months from the date of issue. Extension is not possible. 

Alternatively, you can organize your visa for India quickly, reliably and at reasonable prices through our partner agencies.

for German residents for Dutch residents for US citizens/residents For the countries below please see the www.cibtvisas.com website.

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Asked: 2/6/19, 10:26 AM
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