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Travel India – The Land of Cultural diversities

Incredible India

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India is an incredible land full of mesmerizing attractions of the world and regarded as the best place for holidays. The most remarkable thing is that it has something for everyone that ranges from food to fabulous wildlife and attractive culture. India holds almost every kind of unimaginable lands such as mountain ranges, islands, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks.

The Himalayas is the most interesting feature of the India tours that separates it from the rest of Asia. India touches the three large water bodies that are the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. By reading the entire things one must be excited to know more about India, following are the few things, which you can do on your India Tour.

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The valley of flowers is the most fascinating place located high in the western Himalayas and boasts over 5oo varieties of flower. An implausible national park is generally open between June to October but one cannot question the attractive beauty of flowers. With flora, fauna also adds to the beauty of the park such as stunning snow leopard and Himalayan Black Beer.

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The Sundarbans national park is a UNESCO world heritage site, a biosphere reserve located in the Sundarbans delta of West Bengal, and the region is densely covered with mangrove forests. It is the largest reserve of Bengal tiger and contains a huge variety of wildlife that contains fishing cats, wild boar, macaques, pangolin, chital, estuarian crocodiles, and dolphins.

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Goa Trance Parties are the best place for celebrations. These parties have reached a high status that attracts a large number of people all around the world.

Such parties are more common around bars and considered as the liveliest parties.

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The toy train is one of the most vital attractions of India. Such trains do not run on track moves slowly that anyone can catch it easily. In India, Darjeeling and Shimla toy train is famous that offers a lovely view of the mountains. The Shimla toy train covers a distance of 96 km and moves in an upward direction with a speed of 20-25 km per hour.

The Darjeeling- Himalayan is a narrow gauge that covers 90 kilometers of the Himalayas and allows one to enjoy the romantic views of mountain peaks.

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Ladakh is a region of Jammu and Kashmir that lies between Kunkun mountain range in the north and the great Himalayas to the south.

It is well known for the beauty of the mountain and some other soothing places.

The culture of Ladakh is similar to the culture of Tibet with architecture that reflects a completely Buddhist approach. 

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Agra is an outstanding destination for tourism due to its three world heritage monuments that are Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra Fort.

People from all over the world prefer to visit Taj Mahal for enjoying the great story of love. This symbol of romance was made by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife.

The Taj Mahal is full of inlay decorations, latticework, Calligraphic work that mesmerizes the people.

India is a destination of diversity and wonders that will take you to heaven. For More Info about India Tour visit: IVAT 

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