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Top 5 Destinations in India that every traveller must see

Incredible India

Incredible India undoubtedly, is a symbol of different environmental features having desert regions, coastal areas, valleys, mountain ranges, dry plateaus, tropical rain forests and many more. Besides these, India is the land of various seasons, colorful festivals and cheerful celebrations, thereby reflecting high spirits of Indian people. Its vibrant and rich culture has always fascinated tourists from all over the world, in large quantity. Luxury can certainly leave you mesmerized and give everlasting memories. Few of the highly visited destinations in India include: 

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Colorful Rajasthan: It is an exotic, vibrant state where royal glory and tradition meet in a riot of different shades against the desert’s and sand’s vast backdrop. This land is gifted with invincible fortresses, rich heritage, and culture, magnificent palaces, natural and beautiful resources. Rajasthan is also rich in dance, art, music, adventure, and craft. All of these traits make it land, which never stops to enchant and intrigue. This abode, where once the kings lived in the finest and most exotic destination for visitors from the entire world and offer the best luxury tours of India. Rajasthan has survived in its diversified ethnicity as well as owes its color and charisma to its lasting traditional life. 

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Backwaters in Kerala: This Indian state offers you to experience true nature. Kochi, the starting point of the tour, is a cluster of islands, lakes, canals, and estuaries. While touring here, you may notice the deltas of 44 rivers, which drain in the massive Arabian Sea, crowded with the marine life.

Vembanad Lake is the biggest backwater that passes by three districts, finally opens in the sea at Kochi Port. The second largest backwater is the Astamudi Lake with eight arms that covers a large section of Kollam district in the south. Holidays here can be a great experience to come close to nature. 

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Buddhist India: Host of voyagers comes from around the globe to walk in Buddha’s footsteps and have an inspiring journey.

Buddha is considered as Vishnu’s incarnation. Bodh Gaya, the place where he acquired supreme enlightenment, is truly a sanctified spot of pilgrimage. Sarnath, Kushinagar, Nalanda, Rajgir, Sravasti, and Lumbini are the prime destinations of Buddhism, which are situated in Bihar and U.P.

Attaining India Luxury tours of this kind can allow you to achieve salvation.

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Mumbai- City stopover:

It is the most vibrant city, a hub of finance and trade and also the largest port. Also dubbed as Bollywood city, Mumbai draws hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. The colonial site of the city is Gateway of India that was made to honor the arrival of Queen Mary and King George to India. At present, Mumbai’s seven original islands form a single sparkling metropolis. 

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Delhi- City stopover: The capital city of India, Delhi is an essential gateway to enter the country. It is a bustling metropolis, a fusion of fast-paced urbanization and cautiously preserved antiquity. The strategic locations of the city enable simple access to the entire country and were the main reason, for the rulers of India to choose Delhi as their powerful seat. While availing luxury holidays in the lap of incredible India’s capital, you may explore Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, Red Fort, Safdarjung’s Enclave, Humayun’s Tomb and Jama Masjid. The modern Delhi involves a trip to Bahai House of Worship, called as Lotus Temple. The most appealing trait of the capital is its cosmopolitan nature that forms an appropriate overture to the entire nation. 

India is a single country, which presents diversified categories of sightseeing in every aspect. Whether it is spiritual tourism, beach tourism, adventure tourism, or simple health care tourism, you simply have to pick and for sure, all the needs of luxury holidays in the lap of Incredible India will be satisfied.

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