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Tiger Photographic Safari India: Things you need to know

In The Tigerland

Animals can be expressive species. They are one of the most intelligent, reflective and happy creatures and how we interpret them largely depends upon our understanding. They can also be quite amusing and alarming to watch. Photography also calls for the greatest amount of patience, which is the greatest secret to capture the rarest shot Many people begin natural history photography as an addition to their existing interests. However, the problem is that nearly wildlife is cautious, and many of them are dangerous too. You may be easily too obsessed to get a picture that you miss the Tiger's mate that may be approaching you: it may look too dramatized description, but it is true, especially when there are scorpions and snakes around.

Indian Wildlife can be easily compared to the African fauna but is not sufficiently realized. Tiger is the essence of Indian wildlife. The whole environment of the jungle gets charged up even with his far way roar or an alert of some animal that announces his presence. His ability to surprise, untiring perseverance, secretive nature, acute sensitivity and immense strength makes him a successful predator. The Tiger is excellent in all these skills and more. He is the National Heritage species in India and a symbol of wilderness in the country. His tawny coat, tantalizing beacon, and lithe majesty carry an unparalleled beauty in the lens. 

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During the British rule, the tiger was mercilessly hunted and later in the sixties it was hunted by the dealers for the fashion trade. Human encroachment on this endangered species has created questions of its survival now.Care of the Wild International helps in saving and the National Parks in India. It has already spent over £170,000 on equipment and vehicles, which are helpful to protect wild tigers in India. Tiger Photography Safari is a special effort to create more awareness in the public about this endangered species. You can explore and expand your wildlife photography skills and improve your caliber as well as images of the Tiger country.

You can enjoy the Tiger Photography Safari well accompanied by a Tiger Expert who holds more than 10 years of experience in tracking the Tiger in the wild.

The Safari lets you enjoy the Bandhavgarh National Park in M.P., which is well-known for its highest Tiger density (56 Tigers). The Ranthambore National Park is quite strategically located with convenient access and offers good wildlife sightseeing and as many as 32 Tiger viewings. 

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