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Things every Traveller must know before Traveling to India

Travel Tips for Traveling to India

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India is one of the loved and praised destinations in the world. Tourists of all age groups come to visit this enchanting land to enjoy nature, seek divine bliss and have fun in the scenic settings. To be precise, a tour of India is truly an enjoyable experience. Most of the visitors have life-changing experiences and insights, while very few have to face nightmares. 

And this could be avoided if the tourists make efforts to know a few things about the Indian culture, traditions, and customs. It is always better if you do your homework before coming to India.

Make yourself aware of the following facts before coming to India: 

  • Foreign tourists wishing to explore India should be in possession of valid national passports valid for at least 190 days. Valid visas must be obtained from the Indian Embassy or high commission.

  • Always keep your passport and any other important documents close to you. Don’t leave important documents in your luggage. Also, keep two photographs and your passport information in a safe, separate place in case your passport is lost or stolen at any place.

  • The currency of India is the Rupee, which is divided into 100 paise. The Rupee comes in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000.

  • Equip yourself with preventive medicines and basic first aid equipment before you leave for India. Having these supplies will save you from the trouble of going in search of a doctor or drugstore if you get sick.

  • Medical Certificates against Cholera and Small Pox are not required. Yellow fever certificate is required by tourists arriving from an epidemic area.

  • Always carry bottled water along with you. Don’t drink tap water as it might have impurities.

  • Get at least three opinions about everywhere you want to travel: one from a local and two from other travelers.

  • Every time you stop to eat, nab a few extra napkins for loo stops. Toilet paper is practically non-existent outside the vicinity of standard hotels.

  • If you eat food on the street, consume only fresh fruit or food that is boiled or fried properly.

  • Avoid putting any of your luggage’s on the top of the bus when traveling. Even if it is a little uncomfortable, try to keep your luggage with you near your seat.

  • Avoid giving money to the beggars; offer to buy them a meal instead. Pulling out money leaves you open to being robbed or mobbed by beggars.

  • During the winter months of October to March, woolen clothes are needed, as there can be snow in the North. For the rest of the year, it can be very hot, so light, tropical clothing is advised.

To end with it can be said that you can make your India tour memorable by learning a few things about the culture, traditions, and customs of India. Before traveling to India, make it a point to do your homework about destinations you want to visit.

Tips for Traveling with Money

  • Check with your broker to know how much cash to carry to which country, so that you stay within the specified limit to pass through Customs.

  • It is advisable to carry cash in a hidden leg pouch, money belt or pocket.

  • Once you reach your destination, you can keep your valuables in a hotel safe or use other security systems available.

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