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Rajasthan – A Recital of Art, Heritage and Culture

Destination Rajasthan

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Cultural and Heritage Rajasthan tour takes you to a perfect journey into the rural Rajasthan that is a completely an unexplored paradise. The culture of Rajasthan offers a wide spectrum of brilliant hues that showcases from various tribal dwellers to urban citizens. You can find Gujjars, Jats, Muslim Craftsmen, and Bhil forest dwellers. You can find them clad in colorful costumes, celebrating splendid festivals and reliving their customs and traditions year after year. These joyous moments and splash of colors lend magic to the otherwise hard and tedious lives of Rajasthani people. People of Rajasthan face atrocities of nature with its desert, lack of water and habitable land along with scorching heat but this cultural playfulness transcends you into a land of magic. 

The Rajasthan cultural tour consists of fairs and festival tours of Rajasthan. During the festivals and fairs, the Desert Jewel of India that is Rajasthan shimmers with colors and joy. There are several fairs and festivals all throughout the year with the onset of every season or to celebrate various occasions in the name of gods and goddesses. This gives ample opportunity to the tourists to enjoy their trip to Rajasthan anytime during the year. 

The Cultural and Heritage Rajasthan tour also lets you enjoy the traditional folk dance and music of Rajasthan. If you take the camel safari during your Rajasthan cultural tours, you can enjoy the Rajasthani folk music at night near the bonfire under the starlit clear nights of the desert. Rajasthan has a highly evolved tradition of performing arts which can be seen during your Rajasthan Cultural tour.

The Marwari or Maheshwari cuisine of Rajasthan is yet another integral part of the Rajasthani tradition. The state is known of its utmost hospitality to treat its guests like kings and queens. Rajasthan is often referred to as “the Land of Kings”. You can enjoy scrumptious cuisine both inside and outside the palaces. Private kitchens offer exotic delicacies of “shikar” meat, which is actually the game meat from the jungles. You will be surprised to find the smoked Rajasthani kebabs done in about a dozen different ways at each kitchen. The Maheshwari cuisine is mainly the vegetarian cuisine from the region of Mewars region around Jodhpur. 

The arts and craft of Rajasthan are exceptional as they are as colorful as the lives of Rajasthani people. Rajasthani artisans know exactly how to portray their colorful lives in their work and yet tell about their hardships and glorious past in subtle tones through their craftwork. Major craft traditions in Rajasthan include local Painting traditions, Hand block Printing, Tie-and-Dye Textiles, Jewellery, Quilting, Gems and Stones, Leather Craft, Blue Pottery and Woodcarving. For Rajasthan Cultural & HeritageTour Packages Contact IVAT an Indian tour operator. They have the necessary expertise to meet all your requirements. For More Information Click Here

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