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Offbeat Destinations of India - Relish the Unpredicted Charms

Offbeat Destinations

Offbeat travel is the flavor of the hour and its uniqueness makes it more interesting. There are so many tourists who don’t like to follow the herd when it comes to exploring tourist destinations. They love to explore the hidden destinations that are captivating and it gives them much needed adrenaline to fight the stress of daily professional life. And the fact is that you don't have to visit far lands to find these  Offbeat destinations if you are a busy person, look around places near to where you have put up. You can choose the small areas in the nearby location or you if you ample time, explore the unknown destinations or less popular destinations across the length and breadth of India.  

Some of the offbeat destinations you can explore:

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Kausani, Uttarakhand

Kausani is a small and picturesque hill station located in the north of Himalayas. It is often neglected by many tourists in favor of nearby Nainital.

In reality, Kausani offers some absolutely splendid views of the Himalayas which very few hill stations can provide.

One of India's most noted poets, Sumitranandan Pant, was born in Kausani, and the enchanting town has an interesting museum dedicated to his life and work.

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Kuttanad, Kerala

Kerala is truly famous for its picturesque surroundings especially the backwaters. It has so many hot travel destinations, but Kuttanad, a less known travel destination is ideally not your staple travel destination. This lovely place is a partly reclaimed land covered by patches of rice fields and dikes. Kuttanad can best be described as a watery labyrinth, where you can drench your soul among the countless lakes, rivulets, canals, and rivers trimmed with tropical vegetation. This place offers lazy boat rides, in addition to it; you can catch a glimpse of Kerala’s rural lifestyle, a sharp contrast to the busy everyday life of the bustling cities.

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Gopalpur, Orissa

Gopalpur is one of the pristine, untouched and clean beaches in India. This picturesque place used to be a bustling port in Orissa, but now the town is rather sleepy, but it is quite an interesting tourist destination for those who love to explore something very natural and unique. The quiet place lets you appreciate the sound of the waves hitting the shore, and you can relax on the lap of soothing nature. You can leisurely sit on the beach gazing the sun and also indulge in a lot of activities on the beach. You can find some interesting souvenirs in this place. You can pick them too.

There are so many other offbeat destinations where you can visit to quench your thirst for excitement and joy. You can explore stunning offbeat destinations such as Bir in Himachal Pradesh, Dungarpur in Rajasthan, Panchmari in Madhya Pradesh, Ladhak in Jammu & Kashmir and many more. If you love to be in unknown destinations, talk to IVAT - An Indian Travel Agent and get a customized tour package at affordable prices. Come and relish the fun. For More Information Click Here


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