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Indian Wildlife - Enjoy the World of Rich Fauna

Wildlife of India

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India is home to a great number of flora and fauna and this is the place of interest for many of the wildlife enthusiasts. Presence of many of the rare species makes it one of the most interesting places for the wildlife tourists. Exploration of its plentiful jungles has always mesmerized travelers. From bird watching to tiger tours, elephant safari to jeep safari all are available at the point and click distance. If wildlife is your call then, India is your perfect destination and be prepared for an unforgettable experience. This land has one of the richest treasures to offer to the animal and bird lovers. Its diverse fauna enchants everyone especially those wanting to visit tigers and rhinoceros.

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Even the mention of Indian forests inevitably brings in the topic of Indian tigers that are world famous for their magnificence. True they have something royal about themselves and are extremely captivating. Thus tourists even from the far-flung countries crowd to the tiger reserves and national parks to have a look of this majestic animal. India has around 514 sanctuaries and 110 national parks but some of them are more famous than others like Corbett National Park, Ranthambore, Keoladeo, Kanha, and Gir. All of them are reputed throughout the world for they are home to the revered Indian tigers, in addition, there are many other animals to be seen.

There is hardly anyone on this earth who does not love birds. With 14% of the world’s bird population and around1266 bird species to be found here India is bird watcher’s paradise. In addition to this countless plants and other creatures that can be hardly found anywhere else in the world are present here. Many of them run the risk of extinction and need to be conserved.

If you are contemplating of enjoying a tiger safari into the depth of any of the National parks or sanctuaries then jeep seems to be the most convenient way. Many of the agencies there to help you with jeep safaris on tiger tours to Ranthambore, Corbett, and Gir. Gir has one added advantage, it is the home to around 150 of the famous Asiatic lion. It has the credit of increasing the number of tigers from twenty in the early 19th century to the present number.

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The available accommodation does not match the rough terrains of the jungle. This to say that excellent accommodation that suits every kind of budgets is available in plenty. You can ask IVAT to specifically arrange tours for you that help to you see tigers and the rich fauna of India. If you are an adventure lover and love the wild, tiger safari and tiger reserves of India are sure to charm you completely. So, your next adventure tour is sure to be in India. For all the detailed information about Indian Wildlife India Wildlife Tours contact IVAT

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