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An Ultimate Guide for a Wildlife Holidays in India

Indian Wildlife

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Wildlife is one of the most integral aspects of Indian tourism and it represents the country on a global platform. The diversity that it projects has won many hearts. The sheer number of wildlife reserves and national parks in India is astounding and wildlife holidays in India are bound to be a unique experience.

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A visit to the National Parks and the reserves of the country projects beauty, that is far more soothing and refreshing than the creations of the modern world. Beauty assumes a whole new meaning when the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is explored.

The park which is known for its tiger population is also inhabited by other ferocious beasts that include pythons and leopards.

Contrary to the wild beasts that set the pulse levels racing, the cheerful birds and vibrant flora induce a sense of serenity within the mind. 

A visit to the National Parks also involves facing some rugged terrain and an immediate example in this context is the Periyar National Park. Therefore, an elephant back safari happens to be the most viable option in order to make situations comfortable and induce a superb element of fun.

A visit to the dense wildlife habitats of the country shall be an incomplete affair if the “undisputed king of the forest” is missed out. The Gir National Park facilitates a comprehensive view of lions as it is one of the most critical lion conservation sites of the country.

A chance to explore its exquisitely knit ecology is an experience of a lifetime.

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The topographical and climatic pattern existing in Indian Parks and sanctuaries is just optimum for a diverse range of species to inhabit and comfortably survive in them. However, it is not just the terrestrial species, the flying wonders and aquatic organisms also form an integral part of Indian pride.

 A visit to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary leaves hordes of visitors awestruck as the place is home to over three hundred species of birds. In addition to appreciating falcons, pelicans and kingfishers; tourists can encounter beautiful Siberian Cranes, as the park happens to be a significant migratory ground for them. One can also look forward to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa to witness beautiful storks and black-faced cormorants. 

The creations of nature are truly significant and aquatic life is an evident example of it. The aforesaid idea gets conceptualized in a better way when the Marine National Park in Gujarat is visited. The transparent blue waters showcase a soul-stirring view of vibrant fish effortlessly cutting through it. In addition to amazing fish, the park flaunts beautiful coral reefs, water birds as well as a variety of mollusks displaying a beautifully fabricated ecosystem. 

Considering wildlife vacations, lodging is a major cause of concern. However, the hotel and hospitality segment has established significantly around the National Parks as the intensive tourist inflow calls for great business. An encounter with Indian wildlife is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Wildlife-based vacations are an unconventional yet amazing way to witness nature at its best.

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