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A brief History of Rajasthan

Destination Rajasthan


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The first human settlement of Rajasthan dates back to the Harappa culture in the early historical era that dates back to about 1000 BC. However, some of the most interesting and colorful chapters of the rich history of Rajasthan mention heroic legends of Rajputs, the warrior clan that made Rajasthan its home in the early medieval period. The chivalry, loyalty, romance, and intrigues of Rajput heroes became interesting fodder for the thriving art forms of the regions such as folk songs, story narrations, puppet-shows, plays, and paintings.Archaeological excavations prove that this region was part of the Indus Valley habitation from 3000 to 500 BC. Relics of Virat are pieces of evidence of the inhabitation of Pre-Aryan people in the area – the oldest settlement being at Push Karara Nanya (now known as Pushkar). Aryans first settled at Dundhmer (now known as Dundhar).

Rajasthan was home to the mighty Magadha. It was also part of the Mauryan Empire in about 130-150 AD and the Gupta Empire in the 4th century. By 640 AD, several Rajputs established their independent kingdoms, such as Gujjars, Pratiharas, Chauhan, and Gahlots. Internal rivalries continued right up to the rise of the Mughal Empire. Mughals managed to subdue some of these kingdoms and annex them to their empire, establish friendly relationships with some of them while continued to face stiff resistance from a handful of Rajput kingdoms until their downfall. The Marathas gained dominance until the British chased them away. It was in 1956 that Rajasthan was formally organized and became recognized as a State.

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