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A Bliss for Nature Lovers - Kanha National Park

National Parks in India

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With the inception of Project Tiger movement in India, several wildlife reserves were created in the form of national parks that provided natural habitats and breeding grounds for not only tigers but also other wild species that were on the verge of extinction. Kanha Kisli or the Kanha National Park is one of the several tiger reserves India can boast about. It is located across the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh and the area of the reserve is approximately 1940 square kilometers.

There are several places filled with natural beauty in the forest. There are a few lakes with a lot of aquatic flora in this national park and these lakes are resting places of several birds that are local to the region as well as migratory birds that spend a few months here every year. 

The Mekal mountain range provides a natural glorification to the innate beauty of the Kanha National Park.

The meadows in the national park also create an eye-catching ambiance. Apart from these places in the national park itself, there are beautiful temples, churches and sports clubs in Mandla where one would be able to entertain themselves as per their choice.

The tour to this region is not only interesting for those keen to see wildlife from a closer view but also for those that appreciate the marvels of nature and appreciate its beauty. 

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This region has a lot in terms of sightseeing in store for those that have a taste for it. Come on, visit Kanha National Park and let the natural beauty touch your heart and soul…

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