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How Culture makes Delhi, Mumbai a top draw for the Business Travel

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Gone are the days when business travel was about ‘all work, and no play’. These are the days of ‘bleisure’ — a combination of business and leisure. A Unit survey of business travelers ranked 26 cities in Asia on parameters ranging from connectivity to dining out. 

Tokyo placed first, but both New Delhi and Mumbai scored high on ‘culture’, which shows how culture is key even for those traveling on work. 

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But culture plays a key role

Both Singapore and Sydney fall below average in opportunity for cultural experiences, while New Delhi and Mumbai both reach a five-star status in this indicator. To western travelers especially, their cultural appeal is often bold and immediate. In the safety indicator, Singapore claims the top spot. The city-state also sits atop the league tables for transportation, food and beverage, and overall business aspects. 


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Local perception of different issues, however, may be very different from that of the business traveler. The culture discrepancy may result from the novelty of experiencing an “exotic” destination for the first time, rather than sheer diversity or the number of cultural opportunities that may characterize a more liveable city. 

Overall, getting around and eating out were key Ease of transportation ranked high among the elements crucial for the success of the business side of the trip with Asian travelers rating it as more important than those from elsewhere. European executives tend to de-emphasize safety; rather, they are keener about lodging and digital connectivity.

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